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How to Effectively Handle Your Website Project

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem with plans changing. As a project manager I have found that often times many of my clients have the same problems, which is understandable because building a custom website can seem scary. There are always good and bad ways to handle a change of plans. So, when working with your design team it is very important to know how to effectively handle changes to your web design. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

Really ask us questions, the old saying is true, “there are never any stupid questions”. It is far better to ask any and all questions under the sun about changes to your project rather than stay quiet and not be happy in the end.
Ensure that you and your team understand and are in agreement on the scope of work being done. Many times during the design process you and your design team may identify that there are additional needs such as layouts or programming that needs to be added to the site. It is key that there is an understanding on both ends that there is something different that what was originally laid out in the contract and this needs to be fully understood and changed in the scope of the project before moving on, even if no additional charges are being incurred. It’s vital that both client and project manager understand what is being done.
This is super important because often times if the “decision maker” is not involved from the first contact, handling changes can take longer and may get frustrating. Your design team is here to make your vision come true, in order to do that we need everyone who is responsible for the project’s input.
If you have questions, requests, changes, revisions etc, it is always better to have a conversation about those items over the phone rather than through email. Definitely put the final decision or any change down in an email or note so there is a written record, but sorting something out is best done with live communication.
Remember your design team is building this website custom to your needs, wants and business goals. A great design and programming take a little time but in the end you get something that will be custom built to suit your every need and you will love your final product.

When working with your design team it can be easy to get stressed about a project changing direction or having a lot of revisions. Remember we are here to make your vision come to life and if you follow the tips above the project will run smooth and in the end you will have an amazing website that will help your business grow.