If It Saves Lives and Increases Revenue, Would You Do It?

No this is not a trick question. Especially not for Bobby Newman of Newman Intervention Services.

You’ve most likely heard of Google Ads or Pay Per Click. If you haven’t, Google Advertising is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where you can pay to display your advertisements when viewers search Google for things related to your company services or products. Google only charges you for the ads that get clicked on, meaning when viewers click on the Ad and land on your website, hence the name “Pay Per Click”.

It sounds great! Unfortunately, most marketing companies only use the number of clicks to determine the success of that campaign, meaning were they able to show the ads enough times and did the entire budget that you set aside for Google Ads get used that month. Poorly managed campaigns can cost a lot but result in very little, getting many viewers to land on your website but then… little or nothing as a result.

But that’s not how we do it at Studio98. We manage our campaigns based off of conversions, meaning we measure if you’re getting more leads and track if you are selling more services or products. At Studio98, we’ve worked to develop techniques that allow us to target and perfect advertisements so that you reach the right target audience. The results?

Meet Newman Intervention Services. A US based alcohol and drug intervention specialist who helps families with substance-dependent family members. Over the years, Newman Intervention has helped hundreds of people free themselves of dangerous alcohol or drug abuse problems.

Through Google Ads, by increasing the amount and the quality of leads, Studio98 has been able to help increase Bobby’s monthly revenue by an average of 333%. Studio98 is proud to say that not only have we helped Bobby Newman expand his business, we’ve also helped him save lives across America.

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