Making Sense Of Marketing Jargon: Battle Of The Buzzwords

Professional SEO firms across the world speak fluent marketing jargon. Being in the professional SEO industry, it can become second nature to assume that the larger population knows what we’re talking about when we’re tossing around marketing-speak and innumerable acronyms.

Really, underneath it all, there are concepts that aren’t difficult to grasp and help make the world of professional SEO accessible to anyone who wants to understand. We’re going to hop through a few basics of marketing jargon that you may or may not have heard and we’ll break down what they mean. In a nutshell:

Organic Search Results:

Pretty much the foundation of SEO, organic search results are results that most closely match what a user types into the search bar. If you enter “ice cream delivery” in a search, the top results that aren’t ads (we’ll talk ads in another post) are organic search results.


An intimidating, but simple acronym that stands for Key Performance Indicators. A KPI can be anything in marketing that is used to measure how successfully or unsuccessfully something has been done. If your goal is to have more website visitors than a previous month, a good KPI could be a percentage of lost or gained visitors compared to that previous month.

Bounce Rate:

This is the percentage of people who go to a website and leave after viewing only one page. It’s not good, usually indicating that people don’t like a page. A high bounce rate means it’s probably time to revamp the page and make people want to stay and look around. Around 84% of people expect brands they love to create content. If they’re not doing that consistently, they could be losing people from lack of engagement.

See? That wasn’t so bad. Of course, that was merely a toe-dip into the ocean of ever-changing phrasings that the world of marketing boasts. In later posts, we’ll delve a little deeper into other buzzwords and break down the concepts they represent.

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