Reasons Why Good User Experience Matters More Than You Think

Do you know why you need a mobile friendly website? For starters, the number of mobile search users is expected to reach 221 million by 2020. If your site doesn’t account for making a good user experience for that swell of potential customers, you’re veritably throwing away money. The reason why you need a mobile friendly website is because user experience matters.

The mobile friendly thing is just one example among many in the realm of good user experience, but it’s a salient one as mobile search finally surpassed desktop search back in 2018. But, user experience as a whole is much larger than that. Let’s explore why.

What Is User Experience?

Another piece of commonly uttered lingo among custom web designers, it doesn’t register with most people simply because they are the users. When a user goes to a website, how easy, attractive, or welcoming the website is defines the basis of user experience. Ugly colors, confusing navigation, offensive popups? Bad user experience. Clean design, simple navigation, clear of hindrances to user intent? Good user experience. Keep in mind that you only have between three and eight seconds to catch a user’s attention in the first place. The user experience matters more than you think.

  • Most People Don’t Speak Software Engineer: There is an important difference between something that works and something that works well. Being solution-oriented is a fine thing, but if that solution ends at fixing the root problem and doesn’t consider how users will experience that solution, you’ve fixed something that users will never see. Users don’t see the backend of a website, no matter how beautiful the code is. They see what’s in front of them, which is why a solution should consider engineering as well as end-user presentation.
  • Users Are Your Business: At the end of the day, your objective is for people to buy your products. If the website they land on actively drives would-be buyers away simply because it is confusing to navigate or works poorly, your lack of attention to user experience is at fault. In turn, making it your own fault for missing out on potential conversions.
  • It Says You Care: Companies with websites that focus on user experience declare that they care for their users. There’s a reason many sites post their excellent reviews where the world can see them. They value customer feedback and use that display to say that they care about what their customers think. When those customers see this and feel valued, you better believe they’ll return with friends.

Now, when you think of why you need a mobile friendly website design that highly value user experience, you know the answer. User experience is foundational to your goals as a business. So, it behooves you to think about how everyday users will see, perceive, and navigate what you display. Then make it so.