Understanding The Relationship Between SEO And Web Design

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If you have a basic understanding of digital marketing, you’ll know that web design focuses on the visual aspects of your website while SEO impacts how search engines rank your website in searches. What you might not know is how intertwined these two seemingly separate factors are. Let’s take a look at the relationship between the design of your website and the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and you’ll see why going to a combined web design and SEO company is important.

What’s The Connection?

The most basic goal of both web design and SEO services is to provide users with a great experience. While one may focus on the look of your site and the other on its rank in the search engines results page, they both work to build a site that gives visitors what they’re looking for.

The people on your website will only become customers if they can easily navigate your site and they enjoy looking at it while doing so. They can only get to your website if you have effective SEO strategies that allow it to appear when they search for certain keywords. When applied successfully, web design and SEO will both help your business succeed.

How Can They Work Together?

By hiring a web design and SEO company, you can better ensure that these two related elements work together to the benefit of your website. When you choose a full-service digital marketing agency, you’ll have experienced custom website designers as well as professional SEO specialists working in tandem on your site. This team of designers and specialists can give you a cohesive final result, rather than unrelated individuals who would not weave these aspects of your website together.

When you work with a web design and SEO company, you can expect them to seamlessly integrate SEO into your website design. They’ll do this by working your targeted keywords into the code of your website as well as optimizing your webpages with keyword-focused copywriting. They can also create an aesthetically-pleasing and easily-navigable blog that has optimized content. With nearly 72% of marketers saying that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic, having this content weaved into your website design is essential for your site’s success. An experienced web design company can also make your site mobile-friendly, which contributes to better search engine rankings.

The best way to ensure that the money you spent on your website doesn’t go to waste is to take care of your web design and SEO needs in one place. You’ll see better results in both areas while getting a website perfectly catered to your target audience. Contact Studio98 today to learn more about how web design and SEO can successfully work hand-in-hand.