Risks of Not Investing in Responsive Web Design Services

Your business has an attractive website, so drawing customers in should be a cinch, right?

Not quite. You need responsive Web design services to really attract customers and nail the sale.

Consumers are using mobile phones more now than ever before to search and make online purchases. So, it only makes sense to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Here’s a closer look at why choosing not to invest in response Web design services can have devastating consequences for your website and business.

Let’s dig in.

Lack of Responsive Web Design Services Means Lower Rankings

Your goal as a business owner is to be No. 1 in your industry and in online search engine results. But you can kiss this dream goodbye if you don’t take advantage of responsive Web design services.

Google promotes responsive Web design, and with good reason. Research has shown that a responsive website typically performs better than its nonresponsive counterpart does.

On top of that, a responsive site loads in only a second or less. This means users can easily share it and even link to it with just one URL.

This is a big deal since Google can more efficiently and easily organize, crawl, and index content from a single URL versus multiple ones. And the easier you make things for Google, the easier Google will make it for you to rise to the top online.

That’s fair enough, right?

Higher Bounce Rate

Another reason to have a responsive website? You’ll lower your bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of Web users who visit a site and navigate away from it after looking at just one page.

Search engines frown upon high bounce rates, which can easily result from non-responsive design.

So, how do you decrease your bounce rate? You need to offer your website’s content in an easy-to-manage and easy-to-view package. This will keep visitors on your Web pages, which is exactly what you want.

More Work for You

Another disadvantage of not using responsive Web design services is that you’ll only add more maintenance work to your plate. (Yeah, we know.)

Here’s the reason why.

Without responsive design, your only option is to create a website for a desktop and then a separate one for mobile-phone viewing, as the desktop version would be too inconvenient and small to view on a cell phone.

If you go this route, this will increase the time and cost involved in maintenance because you’ll have to update each site regularly. And if you decide to decrease your workload by keeping only the desktop version of your website, you might lose out on prospective mobile users.

With responsive design, you can make an update to your website once and watch all of your site’s versions become updated at once. You can’t beat that.

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