SEO Trends That Should Inform Your 2023 Marketing Strategies

Competition is continuously increasing in the SEO field due to the significant impact it can create on the growth and reach of any business. SEO is a dynamic and evolving tool that is influenced by multiple factors. Every new business wants to make use of the best SEO strategies to achieve high ranks, stay ahead of the competition and bring in targeted traffic. Here are some recently changing trends that can be incorporated into SEOs for successful results.

Expanding Scope and Search

It is no surprise that more than 75% of the world’s population uses Google as their search engine. It is logical to establish oneself in this domain. However, recent years have seen the rise of other search engines and platforms that provide similar services. New businesses and companies often partner with these new platforms to boost their sales without much traffic leading to a better conversion rate. While keyword search is the golden standard, people have started using voice commands and “near me” to a great extent. Incorporating this into your website helps you get direct matches and puts you high on the results page.

On-The-Go Digital Content

Recent studies have shown that people are far more likely to use their mobile phones for browsing rather than a laptop or desktop. In such a scenario, websites and business pages have to be mobile-friendly and compatible across all software and formats. Photos and videos form a big part of every website and social media page. Optimizing photos are necessary to give the users an idea of what the product looks like. Videos on how to use the product or patient testimonials also add to the value of your website. At the end of the day, quality content with constant innovation needs to be the factor driving people toward your website.

Core Web Vitals

There are certain parameters that are absolutely essential to the optimum functioning of a website or business page. User experience eventually depends on these parameters. User experience in turn determines how easy it is to navigate through a website and directly affects your site rankings. One of the primary and important factors is load speed. More than 50% of users are likely to abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Other examples include contentful paint and input delay. While contentful paint measures the time it takes for the first and the largest content to load, input delay is the time taken for the browser to respond to interaction on the website. As long as your web vitals are performing well, your webpage is likely to get more clicks.

Response to Complex Queries

Answering complex queries results in lesser browsing time and leads to quicker conversions. Ideally, your website should serve as one-stop-shop answering questions asked and questions arising in the users’ minds as well. An example of this is the Multitask Unified Model (by Google) implemented specifically to help with such complex queries and multi-step tasks. A simple query like hosting a birthday party can lead to many sub-searches. Keeping this in mind while creating your website ensures all key information relating to a particular product or experience is available in one single place. This keeps the user invested in your website and eliminates the need to search elsewhere.

E-A-T Content

Having a good content strategy is extremely important. Search engines match the search words to the content on your website and display what is best for the user. Although it is AI-based, we have a considerable influence on the results which is the entire premise of SEO. It is essential to have the right Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) to give users a great experience. Having your content created or checked by a field expert shows that you have the right vision. When experts and other websites refer you (through backlinks and blogs), search engines interpret that to be authoritative. Displaying contact information and a behind-the-scenes video shows transparency making it easier for search engines to find you.


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