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The Complete Website is One You Can Use.

My department here at Studio98 is training. My favorite part of websites is their actual usability. It is great to have a website that looks good but if you have to constantly pay someone to go through and add all of your pages, content, menu items and blog posts for you because it was built in a comically difficult management system then lets face it, you will begin to hate your pretty little website very quick.

There is a very specific reason we develop in wordpress, it is easy to use. You can in fact have a beautiful website that you can manage almost entirely on your own. Not only is that a possibility but it is actually my departments whole goal, I train you to use YOUR website.


That is a very good question Ahmed, I would love to answer it.

After we Quality check your whole website and polish any front end problems I jump into the backend of your website and spend a long while fooling around. I test everything, I check to see how menus are added, I look at the different page setups, I check your homepage to make sure that everything that needs to be edited can be edited. While I do all this I am also making sure that everything is laid out in a logical way, if it doesn’t make sense I get it changed so it does. You need to edit your ‘About Us’ page? Guess what? It will be under the pages section and then is a sub section called ‘About Us’, then you simply press Edit.

No, if you can use Microsoft Word you can use the editor, they are identical in a lot of ways. On occasion you will need to dive into a bit of code but I walk you through when, why and exactly how this would need to be done, this will almost always be a copy and paste action.
As it would turn out we always record training sessions, you can watch and re-watch all you want! Also, we set up our websites in a very logical way so you can probably guess your way through how to use it if you had to.
Generally speaking, it takes about 30-45 mins.