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Top 4 Custom Web Designing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Is your company website ready for 2019, or is it looking pretty outdated as of late?

2018’s web design trends emphasized mobile compatibility more than anything. Personalized typography and asymmetrical and vibrant website layouts were huge as well.

We’ll continue to see these trends hold merit in the new year. But which web design features and ideas will really put your company on the map this year?

Custom web designing is all the rage in 2019. Your clients not only want to access your website from their mobile devices, but they also want to engage with a website that’s special and unique in comparison to the competition.

So, which website design ideas should you implement in 2019? Here are the top four.

1. New and Improved Logos

It can be hard to part ways from the logo your company has carried for years. But if your company logo feels stale and, quite frankly, old, 2019 is the year for a new and improved look.

Need more convincing? Some of the most famous brands in history have undergone drastic logo changes. When looking at what their logos used to look like, you have to ask yourself if they’d be as recognizable as they are now.

Your logo is the all-encompassing identity of your company. Let your customers now you’re better and stronger than ever with a better logo than ever before.

2. Video Content Is King

You’ve been hearing it for years: content is king. But now, traditional forms of content have taken the backseat.

Consumers want to obtain information through interactive, fun-to-watch videos. So, if you haven’t already started creating video content for your website, now is the time to get on board.

You should continue to deliver the finest written content on your web pages and company blog. After all, your customers will stay on your pages longer if they enjoy what they read. This will translate into better SEO results.

But you should be creating video content that’s informative and true to your brand. Your video content should keep your customers wanting to come back for more.

3. Larger-Than-Life Animation

Not only do consumers want to watch more videos that are relevant to what they’re searching for, but they also want to engage with websites that are visually stimulating.

How many times have you purchased something because you liked the packaging? Sure, you found some use out of the product itself. But its presentation is what sold you and made you choose it over the other options.

This same logic applies to your website. Animations can whet the appetite of your customers and peak their interests. After all, we as consumers love visuals.

But you’ll find 3-D animation to be one of the more prominent website design trends this year. You don’t even have to go fully 3-dimensional, either. Animations with deep and colorful contrasts can also give life to your website.

4. Brutalism Takes Over

Minimalist websites have dominated in the last couple of years. But now, the Internet is brimming with clean, white, and minimal websites.

Yet, brutalist website layouts have been making their way onto the scene. And now, they’re the breath of fresh air we’ve all needed from the redundancy of minimalism.

In 2019, be brutal (so to speak.) Brutalism is a style that conveys both modernity and non-conformity. It’s not something that can work for all brands, but it might be perfect for yours.

2019 Is the Year of Custom Web Designing

2019 is the year of breaking out of the box when it comes to web design. Make your website turn heads and create lasting impressions for the rest of the year. With these four website design ideas, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

To learn more about how custom web designing can benefit your company, contact us today.