Website Flow

All websites have goals. You want your viewer to notice the most most important information first. You want people to be presented with the right information at the right time. One way to achieve that is to control the flow and rhythm of your composition.

Compositional flow (which can also be described as visual hierarchy) determines how a viewer’s eye flows through the design. First it goes over where the eye looks, and second where the eye rests. It also determines how long the viewer’s eye stays on a certain section.

You can create flow by utilizing a combination of visual weight and visual direction.

-Visual weight (which can also be called a focal point) pulls in the eye and acts as a good resting point.

-Visual direction gives the viewer a path to follow when viewing a web page, helping with the flow of the page.

Website flow will start with your dominant element. You should always make your dominant element the entry point to you website.

The main point is to use the flow of the site to guide the visitor to the contact form, sign-up form or button you want them to land on.

Proper use of Website Flow will transform your website from an attractive place holder into a lead and sales generation tool.