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What it Means to Have a Modern Website

Often times when working with clients I hear that they want a modern website. The term modern can be very subjective. So just like all things, with a website project it is good to know what you are asking for when requesting a modern design. It’s also great to be specific and not just use a single word catch phrase to describe what you want.

Currently when asking for a modern website some of the things you can look forward to based on current trends are:

  • Parallax: This is a really neat feature that makes your site appear 3D. Used appropriately and sparingly this feature can really make your site stand out above the crowd. Although there are several ways to implement parallax design, a simple implementation as found on this site: https://www.ecompliantsoftware.com/ is a great way to bring your site into the 21st century.
  • Flat Design: A flat design is a design that emphasizes usability. There aren’t any gradients, the colors are solid, crisp, and clean. The edges of buttons and icons     are clean and sharp. This design will allow the user to focus on you as a company and not get lost in too many “artsy” elements. A good example of a flat design elements is: https://www.smithfire.com
  • Lots of space: Having a nice amount of negative or white space will allow your users to view the site with ease and also allow the site to transition across all platforms. This site: https://www.weatherstonecm.com/ has a great amount of negative space without looking bland.
  • Responsive: The biggest thing is to build a site that is responsive. What this means is the site can be easily viewed across all devices, tablets, smart phones etc. This will allow you and your viewers to easily view your website with proper formatting no matter what device you use.

When looking for a “modern” website, it’s important to know what a modern site truly is and the current trends being used in modern website designing.

Ensure you communicate your goals with your design team and they will be able to work with you to find the right style of design to fit your needs.