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What We Can Learn From the Apple Site

    1. Less is more – Your website does not need to be cluttered; be picky about what content makes it onto your website.

  • Dark backgrounds are on their way out – utilize a light background and use bright colors and designs as your contrast instead of the “foundation”.


  • A classy design doesn’t need to be redone all the time – with the right design the first time you can make a few small tweaks instead of a major overhaul every year.


  • A simple navigation is user friendly – getting inside the heads of your consumers allows you to create simple, intuitive navigation that doesn’t require a lot of clicking or frustrating drop down menus.


  • Show off a little – Telling people what you’ve got and why it’s better. With people encountering 5000 marketing messages daily, be sure to tell people how you’re unique.


A good design company should be able to help you handle all 5 of these points and do it well.