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Why The First Look Isn’t The Last Look.

When making a design into a live working site there is a lot of anticipation about seeing everything in proper working order. The excitement and build up is a lot like the first day of school when you’re thinking about seeing all of your friends, see who’s wearing what, and what teacher you will have. You build up so much excitement and anticipation about the first day of school that sometimes the actual real first day of school will fall short of your expectations. This can happen with a first look at designs converted into a working site.

When a design is first made into a website there is so much excitement that sometimes it is not up to every expectation that may have been created in your mind. This does not mean that the first look is the last look by any means. When you get that first reveal of a site there are a few key things to remember:

  • The site is not finished yet.
    This first look is just like the third draft of your site. It looks much better than where we started but there are still things to add to make it look even better.
  • The content is not complete yet.
    If you are rebuilding a site or rebranding then there will be new and updated content that will be added. What you are seeing now is just the beginning. There will always be the ability to add and edit content.
  • Small aesthetic changes can be made easily in most areas.
    Most of the text information that you see like the size of the text, the color and sometimes even the font type can changed to work better on a webpage.
  • The images aren’t your own yet.
    This goes back to content. As soon as the imagery you want is uploaded the site will feel more like your own.