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Why You Need to Maintain Your Website

After you plan out your website, design it. Promote it, then what? You need to maintain it.

You have to control the website by having it function the way you designed it to function. You want it to be updated periodically to incorporate new content and changes. If the site is being maintained properly then it will be doing what it’s supposed to do.

The internet is a dynamic and ever changing animal. A rather large animal at that. Browsers change and are constantly being updated. Websites come and go so your links to other sites can be effected.

Part of web maintenance is to assure changes are made in a timely manner to keep the site functioning as you intended. You don’t want your customers inconvenienced with discontinued products or information that is irrelevant, outdated or incorrect.

When they link to a site from your site you want to know that your web maintenance company checks these links periodically to assure that they are working properly.

Website maintenance is a necessary action in today’s business world. The first impression that a customer gets of your company is often your website. You want it to reflect a professional image.

Outdated or irrelevant text, discontinued products that haven’t been removed or non-functioning links can refect badly on your business image.

So maintaining your site or having someone else do it is like having the supermarket shelves stocked and the isles labeled so the customers can find what they are looking for.

Bob Cook