Working With Your Design Team

So you’ve decided to create or redesign your website and have chosen a design company…what now? The first thing that you need to do is get in contact with your design team. There are a few things to keep in mind though when you are working with them.

The first thing is, get familiar with a few common design terms. You can read our blog about those here: Being familiar with these design terms will make it easier to work with your design team. It will also allow you to feel more involved and knowledgeable about the project and process.

The second thing is to trust your team. You have chosen your design company for a reason and more than likely it is because you liked the work that they do. Allow your design team to be the experts and take care of the “heavy lifting”. Allow the designer to do what they do best, to create amazing designs! A good design team will always take your notes and ideas into consideration, but you will need to trust them to create something that is great for the overall design…after all, that is what you hired them for.

A third thing is to try and be specific when giving revisions and changes. One of the hardest things in design, especially custom web design, is creating a client’s vision based on what they say. Rather than telling your design team “I want it to look better than this”, be specific such as “I think that the call to action button doesn’t stand out enough”. Also don’t be surprised if you design team comes back and asks several specific questions to clarify your feedback even further. A good design team will ensure they really understand your feedback and what you trying to accomplish, not just correct any little point that gets brought up. This way they can make sure they are creating something you love.

Finally, when working and talking to your design team, make sure you actually have direct phone calls. Emails are a great way to communicate, however, there are things that can get lost in translation. Allow your design team to get on the phone with you. They should be willing to do screen shares and talk about specific details relating to your project. This will ensure all questions get answered and goes a long way towards keeping a project running smoothly.

When working with your design team, remember that they are there to create something fantastic for you, as well as showcasing your web presence. Allowing them to do what they do best is going to guarantee a wonderful project for you.