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4 Valid Reasons to Pause Your PPC Ads

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Each day, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. And if you want to show up at the top of search engine results pages, there’s arguably no better way to accomplish that goal than to invest in your pay per click marketing.

But of course, Google PPC isn’t foolproof — nor is it something you can be passive about. You need to properly manage your PPC ads if you expect to see results. And while it doesn’t make sense to put a stop to other marketing tactics like SEO, even in times of crisis, there are a few scenarios that might warrant a pause on PPC. Here are just four valid reasons you may want to consider pausing your PPC ads (even for just a little while).

Your Clicks Aren’t Translating to Conversions

A lot of business owners will pay attention to metrics like click-through rate and cost-per-click. These metrics do matter and can help you to determine the success of your PPC campaigns. However, they don’t always tell the whole story. Even if your click-through rate is high and your cost-per-click is low, you still might not be helping your business’s bottom line. It’s essential that those clicks actually result in conversions (or sales, for most organizations). Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money due to an inability to manage your PPC ads the right way. A lack of conversions could be caused by anything from improper ad targeting to unattractive website landing pages. If you’ve determined that your PPC ads aren’t helping you increase your sales, you’ll want to pause those campaigns for now and get to the root of the issue before resuming your efforts.

You’re Experiencing Major Financial Difficulties

At the start of the pandemic, many business owners had to make some tough decisions in order to curb costs. While it’s generally a good idea to continue with your digital ads and SEO efforts during a financial downturn, this isn’t always possible. Although PPC ads can be highly effective in many cases, their cost can add up quickly. If your company has found itself in dire financial straits, it may be a good idea to pause your PPC ads for the time being and focus on other digital marketing tactics.

You’re Rebranding or Redoing Your Website

If your business is in the process of rebranding or you’re finally moving forward with a new custom website, it might make sense to pause your PPC ads until everything is settled. As long as you work with a professional web designer, your current site should still be accessible during this time. However, your focus might be elsewhere — and you might want to concentrate on developing new marketing campaigns that will better reflect your new goals and branding. Pausing your PPC might not always be necessary in this scenario, but it might be a good time to take a closer look at what’s working (and what’s not).

You’ve Never Had Professional PPC Marketing Help

When you try to manage your PPC ads yourself, it’s likely you’re going to make mistakes. Creating and maintaining PPC campaigns can be a lot more difficult than you’d think. You could easily end up bidding on the wrong keywords or continuing to run ads that will drain your marketing budget without any real return on investment. If you’ve never had a professional analyst manage your PPC ads before, it’s probably time to get serious about your marketing efforts and stop wasting your own resources.

In the situations listed above, temporarily pausing your PPC ads might be a good tactic to consider. But when you can secure professional help, you can easily manage your PPC ads and ensure they’re truly successful. For more information, please contact Studio98 today.