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5 Effective Lead Generation Tips

Successful lead generation is the game-changer for your online traffic and sales.

Knowing your audience is not enough to make them engage, which is why understanding and using lead generation tips is crucial.

The better you know how to position your brand’s online presence, the more effectively you can reach consumers at the right point of purchase. This is not the same for every consumer, but there are certain rules-of-thumb to follow.

1. Content Is Key

Creating custom content with consistent messaging can make you more appealing to your audience.

Popular strategies include touching up your landing pages or starting a company blog. In fact, blogs can create up to a 67% increase in monthly lead generation.

This is just one of the ways content marketing can be more effective than traditional marketing efforts. It even improves lead generation by up to three times as much!

2. Optimize Mobile Strategies

Taking a little extra time to make the mobile user experience seamless can reap big benefits in lead generation.

If a user has to figure out your site from their smartphone, there is a problem. Make your landing pages, forms, and contact information easy to use from any source.

This means the UI experience will differ from desktop to tablet and mobile, but the overall customer satisfaction should be standard.

3. Get Social (Media)

One of the most direct lead generation tips is to meet your audience where they are online – their social media channels.

A strong social media presence exposes current and potential consumers to your brand. It is a casual yet informative way of interacting.

You can share sides of your brand customers may not get to see on your website, and use posts as a call to action as well.

4. Track, Track, Track

Once your content is out there and mobile-friendly, the work is only half-way done.

Being able to understand performance data and user engagement is crucial to optimizing your lead generation opportunities.

Use form insights or tools like Google Analytics to track the way consumers find you and engage with you.

Some may come directly from a search engine and know exactly what they are looking for. Others may bounce around your different landing pages. These people like to do their research, or need the extra guidance of your custom content throughout their experience.

5. Focus on Conversion

Do not confuse better lead generation with higher conversion rates.

You have to first focus on converting the consumers you already have in your funnel with a stronger call to action. Then, tweak your content to build your traffic.

Think of it this way: it makes no difference how many people browse inside your brick and mortar store if you only have two purchases that day.

Same with online marketing, everything is about making the sale.

Applying Lead Generation Tips

Stop wondering where your online customers are and start turning them into leads!

Better conversion rates can really be as simple as pushing custom content, going mobile-friendly, and keeping the conversation going on social channels.

Figure out what works and stick to it. If you’re still unsure how to start improving your lead generation strategies, talk to our experts.

Contact us for a free website analysis and ask about the services available to boost your online performance!