Why Local Lead Generation Is Nothing Without Facebook

Businesses thrive when they perfect their local lead generation techniques. Surprisingly, some companies are not making use of the best lead generator out there: Facebook.

Despite the rise of many social media companies, Facebook is still the most popular networking platform. It has 2 billion monthly active users and it is working well on mobile devices. This begs the question, “Why are companies neglecting this market?”

Perhaps they don’t know its value.

Read on to learn how Facebook can boost your local lead generation efforts.

Facebook Provides Greater Visibility

In a way, Facebook is a modern way to “shout your love from the rooftop”. Users get to interact with a business many times in a day. They get information from status updates and feedback when they post queries.

This brand visibility has a great impact on customer relationships and company sales. It personalizes the interaction with customers. Branding also makes a company unique and gives it a competitive advantage.

The platform allows businesses to share directions to their offices. Companies can share website links and blog posts. Blogging is a great way to get more leads.

Facebook Offers Local Search Functionality

Facebook has a search function that locates people and businesses. Companies can use this option to identify potential customers in their area.

The profiles provide more information than a telephone directory or online company listing. With a customer persona in mind, they can search for a specific demographic.

Use of Facebook Ads

Paid services on Facebook target people and businesses in specific locations. It also works the other way around. Potential customers can find a company’s ads while searching for solutions.

It will cost less than paying a local lead generation company to deliver customers. The platform can display the ads on the right column or through the News Feed.

Facebook Promotes Local Business Events and Activities

Companies can use Facebook to promote interesting events and activities with the locals. These range from parties, shows, exhibitions, food tastings, and other events.

Such activities enable companies to connect with the people they are trying to sell to. They can answer customer questions and get feedback on what customers need.

Other promotional activities include webinars, contests, coupons, and giveaways. Everybody likes free stuff. These offers will create a great impression on the customers.

Builds Company Authority to Generate More Leads

Facebook is the right avenue for building authority in a particular niche. Businesses can share engaging and informative content with potential customers. This positions them as the best source for a product or service.

The content includes infographics, creative images, blog posts, cover photos and landing pages. Each type of content can have a link to a company website. That makes it easier to convert new customers.

Websites help to capture lead information such as email addresses. Email marketing keeps customers informed and keeps a company top of mind.

Get More Local Lead Generation Ideas

These benefits prove that Facebook is important. Companies can use it to multiply the number of customers they are getting right now. It brings both direct and indirect leads.

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