Less means more… money!

I’m not saying that you should go full monk, shaving your head, and retreating to the mountains of Northern India for a spiritual cleanse (though, hey, it’s not the worst idea for a reset). Like most people, I struggle to find complete balance in my life. While I’ve made good progress in some areas, others still need improvement. But the journey of self-improvement gives my life purpose.

Getting back to the topic. Less can indeed mean more… money! How so? Well, making money comes down to solving problems people are willing to exchange money for. But where does ‘less’ fit in the equation? Is it less stuff, less stress, less children, or less time? The answer isn’t as straightforward as we’d hope for it to be. That is where the true auditing process starts and discovering where all the cracks in the foundation are. These cracks would determine if patches are required or if a complete rebuild is necessary to fix the problem.

My wife and I used to love watching Gordon Ramsay shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, for example. The episodes start with the owner of the restaurants, their life story, and why they came into the business. Over time, something went wrong, in some cases it was a one-off incident, and others had poor management skills resulting in a near collapse of the organization with a handful of staff clinging on for dear life. Ramsey would then uncover the underlying root cause of the restaurant’s downfall, which then signals deeper issues like rotten food, poor hygiene, lazy business practices, and overworked staff. His solution? Less. Fewer food items to choose from, less, tables, equipment, and staff. The bottom line is staff with higher morale, customers experiencing great service, and more money being made.

Gordon is a specialist at uncovering and fixing restaurant issues, why? I firmly believe that he was introduced to the industry the correct way, under strict guidance from his previous head chef and thousands of hours of proper training, apart from that one could also say he is gifted. If your business found itself in a ‘more means less money” situation, It’s time to get the audit started, you can either go the discovery yourself, or we can help you. From startups to established companies, many businesses face similar issues. In my experience, the biggest underlying issue companies are facing is unfinished tasks. Staff either do them halfway or not at all.

So, what did you take away from that? Odds are, there are areas in your organization that need some cleanup. Because let’s face it: the end goal is making more money with less friction. How you achieve that determines your longevity in the business world and your overall well-being.

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