The Critical Role of Sales in Business

Unfortunately, as a result of greed in our world, sales sometimes get a bad reputation. Have you ever been sold something only to get home and find out it didn’t work? I sure have. And that taints the perspective of salespeople all over the world which is very unfortunate because from my perspective, sales aren’t just important, it’s a critical component of the survival of any business, and I’ll take it a step further and say, the world. How will the business survive if it doesn’t offer a service and make money?

As an experienced sales professional, I have been navigating this landscape for quite some time and I can tell you without a doubt that it’s more than just delivering a pitch, securing a commission, or landing a major deal. Sales professionals who focus solely on those aspects often find themselves stuck in mediocrity or worse. Sales are about delving into the intricate fabric of human interaction and truly becoming an advocate of the person you’re helping. It’s about bringing the person in front of you to an understanding that assistance with that nagging problem, no matter how big or small, is possible.

If you believe in your company and its product, and you truly want to help your client, then you will do what we do at Studio98, help people achieve their goals. The goal of Studio98 is “Goals; achieved.” and this is exactly why I choose to work for this company. Our foundation is based on truly wanting to help our clients. I’ll share some more insight about how I feel about sales. (Spoiler alert – I love it!)

Because salespeople have gotten a bad reputation, I find that some clients are sometimes afraid to call their salespeople “salespeople.”I’m here to say – own that title! It is an honor. You are helping people reach their goals. Another comment, no matter what your position is in the company, you are selling something. Every day presents us with countless opportunities for selling. Whether it’s as simple as persuading their children to choose healthier food options or selling yourself to your boss as to why you’re an excellent candidate for a promotion. Salesmanship permeates every aspect of our lives.

Exceptional salespeople stand out from the rest because they genuinely care about delivering exceptional service. Sales is about developing trust exceeding your client’s expectations, and working together to help them reach their goals, or solve a problem with your service.

My perspective – without sales professionals, the entire economic ecosystem would crumble. We are the conduits of commerce, bridging the gap between individuals and their challenges and achieving their goals. Be proud of yourself as a sales professional. And get out there and help more people!

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