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How To Generate More Leads With Drip Marketing

The internet has given rise to a diverse means of marketing strategies since the dot.com boom back in 2000.

To say we’re in the digital age by now is somewhat redundant. We all know our daily commutes, our workplaces, even our jobs themselves are changing. And it all has to do with the rise of technology.

Every industry must either adapt to these trends. Or get left behind.

With the help of drip marketing tactics, businesses can ensure their internet presence stay strong. And, by doing so, can rise above the fray.

But what is type marketing, exactly? And how can it help garner more leads? Keep on reading to find out just how.

What Is Drip Marketing?

Admittedly, the term is a bit convoluted at first glance.

In layman’s terms:

Drip marketing is a means of marketing to consumers with a heavy focus on personalization and customization.

Based on user and customer habits, this means of marketing can be beneficial in helping to acquire new leads.

For example:

Let’s say you’re a cat owner who’s looking to get a new cat toy. So, naturally, you go to your favorite e-commerce retailer and order said toy. Shortly after finding the one you want, you put it in your online shopping cart and pay for it.

Now, based on that purchase, we (the hypothetical retailer) now know you like that certain type of toy. So we send you a confirmation email—that, also, has suggestions for other products you might like in relation to your recent purchase.

Then, two weeks later, you get another email from that same imaginary retailer that asks if you’re enjoying the product. And, in that exact same email, you see that the brand who sells that toy is having a 10% sale on all their products this week. Lo and behold, you (the customer) feel notices and heard—and buy another cat toy because of the sale.

How Is Drip Marketing Different From Other Marketing Models?

Successful marketing is all in the details of the execution itself.

In traditional digital marketing campaigns, the above-mentioned scenario would have likely played out much differently:

You would’ve been bombarded with a bevy of emails that would’ve had no relation to either you or your purchase. And, alas, you (the customer) would have been left feeling misunderstood. Not to mention annoyed, too.

In short:

Each lead, new or old, is unique. They’re individuals who have opinions, preferences, likes, and dislikes. You cannot just ignore that when you’re communicating with them.

Drip marketing makes sure your leads are heard, loud and clear.

Why Is Drip Marketing Important To Use?

If you want your brand or business to have any sort of retention rate, listen up.

Because of how specific and data-driven they are, drip marketing campaigns have a wide birth of benefits. Here are what are considered to be the biggest three benefits of embracing this marketing strategy:

  • Brand recall rates are above the highest observed when utilizing drip marketing campaigns
  • Lead retention rates are proven to increase
  • Customer satisfaction is shown to be greatly improved when using drip marketing campaigns

In fact, studies show that satisfied customers who feel their expense was personalized to them are far more likely to remain loyal to the brand. Even more so, they’re almost two-fold as likely to recommend that brand to a friend or family member.

That’s a win-win scenario in anyone’s book.

Where Do Drip Marketing Campaigns See Benefits?

Whether it’s education or finance, this personalized means of marketing can prove to be a game-changer for your lead counts.

Often times, drip marketing is perceived to be only beneficial for e-commerce minded business. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Have a publishing business? Drip marketing campaigns can help you engage your customers and readership through book suggestions and newsletter optimizations.

Maybe you’re heading a seasonal lawn care business? You can automate engagements based on specific client needs for that time of the year.

All in all, there’s really no business type that can’t benefit from drip marketing.

Digital Tools Keep Drip Campaigns Fresh And Current

We’ve come a long way from the chain email.

Nowadays, there are more means to funnel your drip campaign than ever before. Social media, for instance, has risen to the forefront in recent years. And has proven to be a pivotal tool in all drip campaigns.

But there’s far more than just social media out there now that can now be used in any drip campaign. Survey monkey, for example, is widely regarded as one of the best digital tools to help garner lead retention.

Other digital tools like Dropbox and Quora, too, have helped to even further increase the efficiency of drip marketing.

Unlike more antiquated marketing strategies, drip marketing embraces the changing cultural ecosystem. And, because so, has become one of the most successful means to garner new leads, while helping to retain them afterward as well.

Types Of “Drips”

Not every campaign is created equal.

While all drip marketing styles and campaigns do focus customer and lead engagement above all else, there are some differences between each style. Below are a few of the most popular types of drip campaigns and a bit on their focus points:

  • Cross-selling drips: aimed at brand exposure and market expansion
  • Upselling drips: aimed at product exposure and up-marketing brands
  • Educational drips: geared toward online coursework and e-books
  • Feedback drips: utilized for lead retention and utilization
  • Onboarding drips: geared toward lead exposure and customer or client base increases
  • Offer drips: aimed at customer satisfaction and moving product
  • Cause drips: utilized to form a base around a certain event or gathering of some kind

Each of the listed drips does have specific marketing techniques associated with them. Whether it’s email and newsletter outreach or B2B to B2C communications, drip campaigns can be individualized to serve you and your business best.

Have any more question for us regarding drip campaigns? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a future blog post? Feel free to get in contact with us!