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5 Ways to Generate More Leads With Your Blog

You can funnel a lot of money into custom web design, SEO, and marketing services in order to generate leads and make other conversions. However, you’re missing a major opportunity to connect with consumers if you choose to forego an on-site blog.

The problem is, most business owners don’t know how to properly use a blog to generate leads. Here are a few tactics you may want to employ.

1. Gated Content

Teasers are a great way to interest consumers in the content you have to offer. Just look at how movie trailers bring consumers to the theater.

Your custom website design and advertising efforts can do a lot to bring in visitors and encourage conversions.However, teasing blog content could end up being a more effective lead generation tool when used appropriately. By creating valuable content and giving visitors just a taste, you offer them incentive to sign up for your mailing list so they can access the remainder of the content.

2. Exclusive Content

Your blog might get plenty of visitors, and even repeat visitors. How can you get them to sign up for your mailing list? You already know they appreciate your content, or at least they’re interested enough to visit.Therefore, you can entice them with exclusive content that is only available to members.

3. Exclusive Offers

If consumers are reading your blog but failing to sign up for your mailing list, use your blog to push exclusive offers like free shipping or other discounts and deals for members.

4. Personalized Content

Consumers are leaning more towards personalized interactions with brands.You can use this to your advantage. Set up surveys that determine the type of content that interests readers and then prompt them to sign up to receive the types of articles they’re seeking.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Blogging these days seems to be a numbers game, perhaps because bloggers mistakenly believe they’re competing with social media platforms that require multiple posts a day to remain relevant. Your blog is not a social media platform, so stop using it as one.

People who subscribe to blogs are seeking quality, not quantity. Take the time to produce articles that are researched, detailed, and designed to offer the real value your readers are seeking. Click bait like lists can be fun once in a while, but this type of superficial content should not be the norm.

Instead, create content that truly offers some kind of value and meaning to readers’ lives. With engaging content, premium SEO services, and a solid marketing campaign, your blog is much more likely generate leads, and qualified leads, for that matter.