5 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools

What’s with social media, anyways? Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope and many, many more platforms, it can be hard to stay organized! The truth is, social media is the future and those that are able to harness the powers of social media will be able to reap the rewards. Do you want to harness the rewards of social media? Yeah, I thought so. Read on to learn about the 5 must-have social media tools.

1. Canva for Work

When it comes to gaining attention on social media, all you have is SECONDS before the person gets bored and scrolls past your ad. Canva for Work is a program that allows you easily create professional images and resize the images with ease for various platforms. Prior to this program, businesses had to rely on hiring an Adobe Photoshop ace to handle their image needs. Canva gives you the tools you need to give your social media presence the professional touch.

2. BuzzSumo

Can you imagine how cool it would be to know who your best prospects are so you can deliver them highly customizable content? Yeah, I do too. BuzzSumo is a program that allows you to identify who your top prospects are on Twitter and what they search for. Essentially, this program identifies what people are interacting with and who the top influencers are; both vital pieces of information you should know about.

3. SumoRank

This program is for espionage. Essentially, this tool allows you to analyze Facebook pages and see reports on the metrics. What can one do with this technology?

One can see how and when successful companies post on Facebook and see what posts were most successful. With a little studying, one can adopt proven successful strategies for their own use.

4. Feedly

Have you ever noticed the “me monster” on social media? You know, companies that make it all about themselves? Yeah, nobody likes these people. Feedly is a program that allows you to read other businesses’ and people’s articles that they post online all in one place. Instead of surfing the web to look for new content to share with your audience, use Feedly to have all the articles you and your customers like to read in one place. This program saves you time and, as we all know, time is money.

5. Heyo

Contests and sweepstakes are big on social media but also a big hassle on the social media manager. Heyo is a program that makes setting up contest easy, convenient and mobile optimized for you and your fans. Gone are the days of slaving over custom web design to set up online contests. Instead, use this program to run online sweepstakes with ease.