5 Reasons to Get Chatting: Why Customized Websites Need Live Chat and Custom Communication Options

customized websites

$62 billion.

That’s the number of money companies lose annually because of poor customer service.

If you aren’t focused on making your customer service department better, you’ll be responsible for losing revenue. Customer satisfaction is what keeps people buying from you.

Investing in resources to improve customer service is in everybody’s best interest. Customers will be happy and you won’t be losing out on money.

One place to invest is with live chat. All customized websites can benefit from this software.

Curious to know why?

Check out our reasons below!

1. Convenient to Customers

It’s frustrating to have to wait 24 hours for an email reply. Customers want their questions answered right away. Live chat easily solves this issue.

When a customer logs onto your website with questions, they can easily be connected to a representative. They’re able to get help in a matter of seconds than hours.

2. Higher Customer Service Satisfaction

Don’t know if live chat is the way to go?

This will change your mind: live chat has the highest satisfaction levels when it comes to customer service channels. It beat out email and phone.

Having this software on your website ensures customers will leave your site happy. They can talk to a real, live person with just the click of a button.

3. Improved Customer Retention

A poor customer service experience is bound to end up losing that customer. That’s money lost from something easily solved with live chat.

Customers able to experience fast, reliable service ends up coming back to buy more. That’s why it’s crucial for customer service to go above and beyond to assist customers-it keeps them coming back.

4. Valuable Analytics

With phone conversations, they need to be recorded and then listened to thoroughly to ensure agents are doing a good job. That’s time-consuming and hard to keep up with.

With live chat, you get reports on need-to-know factors like response time, time duration, and customer satisfaction. It allows you to stay in control without having to take a lot of time out of your schedule to do so.

5. Cost Efficient

Phone calls happen one at a time. If a call takes an hour, that’s time taken away from other customers.

With live chat, the agents behind the computer are able to multitask. They can have multiple conversations going at the same time-they just switch between windows.

This keeps your costs low so you don’t have to hire more people. It also cuts down on response times because one agent can handle multiple customers. Whereas with phone conversations, customers are left waiting until the next available representative.

Get Live Chat for Your Customized Websites

The world of customer service is evolving. No longer do customers have to wait hours between response times.

With live chat, someone’s there to answer their questions right away. This results in more revenue gained and higher customer retention levels.

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