5 Tips to Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Every business is seeking ways to get more customers in the door, whether they have real-world storefronts or online stores (or both). This is why most businesses hire professionals for custom website design and premium SEO services.

However, more and more social media platforms these days are starting to cater to businesses by offering opportunities for advertising and lead generation. As per usual, Facebook tends to be the leader of the pack.

In terms of online advertising, there are many different goals, but ultimately, companies need to see conversion. This could mean visits, sales, and/or reviews, just for example. How can your company create Facebook ads that convert? Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Utilize Separate Ad Sets

One thing Facebook has always been good at is anticipating the needs of users, or at least listening to their demands and delivering. For the purposes of marketing, one of the best features offered is the ability to create a variety of ad sets so that you can customize to different target audiences without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

2. Go for Visual Appeal

The internet is a visual medium and a picture is worth a thousand words. With the right advertising images your audience should understand what you’re trying to say without even reading accompanying text.

3. Create Clear and Compelling CTAs

Advertising should always contain a call to action (CTA) that clearly and concisely tells viewers what you want them to do (“click here”, “buy now”, “create my account”, etc.). Although your CTAs should be short and sweet, they also need to be compelling. Since economy of language is a must, every word counts.

4. Customize Landing Pages

Technically, this is on your end, but the right landing page can enhance and reinforce advertising efforts to create greater success where conversions are concerned. There are certainly ways to funnel consumers directly to purchases (such as “buy now” buttons).

However, many consumers are not big fans of the hard sell. If they express interest in your ads, you might want to lead them to landing pages that promote products and services before you go straight for the wallet.

Converting isn’t always about making a one-time sale. It could also involve asking consumers to sign up for membership, encouraging them to share and review your business, and transforming them into loyal patrons. You need to think about how your efforts can best accomplish these outcomes.

5. Don’t Overpay for Ad Space

Whether you’re engaging in custom web design or seeking professional marketing services, you want to stick to a budget so that you see some return on investment. The same is true when you buy ad space through Facebook.

Luckily, Facebook provides a tool for this purpose. With Optimized CPM you can create a bidding strategy that allows you to automate the process for optimal results within your budget.