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6 Major Benefits of Regularly Updating Your Blog

Weblogs, what we now simply refer to as blogs, started as a way for people to share their thoughts on topics they were passionate about. Blogs were meant to reach others, share information and opinions, and create online communities of like-minded individuals.

It was only a matter of time before the business world took note and began blogging as means of connecting with prospective customers in a casual, non- aggressive way and presenting themselves as trusted experts within their industry. It’s surprising, though, how many businesses still don’t see the benefits inherent to blogs.

By now pretty much everyone has realized the importance of professional, custom website design as a means of expanding one’s online presence, building a brand, and engineering lead generation, sales, and loyalty. Plus, you are probably aware of the importance of premium SEO services and social media when it comes to online marketing.

If you have yet to add an on-site blog as part of your custom web design, however, you’re making an error. This is one tool in your marketing arsenal your business should not forego. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you add regular blogging to your schedule.

1. Add Value for Customers

Everyone likes to get something for free, and you can offer this extra value to customers via the content on your blog in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, customers don’t need to give you anything in return for your blogs, unless you post teasers and ask them to sign up for membership (i.e. give up their contact information) to access the entirety of the content. This is not a bad means of lead generation, actually.

However, blogs are also a good way to provide timely and relevant information your customers are seeking. If they like what they read, they will come back for more, providing you post articles regularly so as not to leave them disappointed.

When consumers are regularly visiting your blog, they may be more likely to maintain loyalty to your brand, continue making purchases, and even recommend you to family, friends, and others as a trusted source of information.

This, in turn, can promote customer loyalty, help you to increase your customer base, and ultimately, make more sales and bring in more profits when done correctly. Like custom web design, you have to put in the time and effort (or pay someone else to) if you want to reap the benefits of blogging.

2. Maintain Authority Status

Building a brand means developing a reputation within your industry and the consumer marketplace. Your blog can help you to do that or it can contribute to a poor reputation, depending on your actions.

When you post valuable content on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to present yourself as an authority in your field and prove that you are a reliable source of information. Intermittent posting and failure to tailor your content to readers can have the opposite effects. Think about that when planning your blogging schedule.

3. Populate Social Media Feeds

Any marketing services professional can explain the importance of social media as part of your overall online marketing strategy, but they may take it for granted that you understand the ways in which blogging and social media go hand-in-hand.

When you post articles to your blog, it’s easy enough to post snippets, links, and other teaser materials on your social media platforms as a way to promote content and increase visits and readers. If you’re having a hard time posting regularly to social media, just start posting regular blogs.

4. Optimize

Whether you pay for premium SEO services or you’re trying to go it alone, you’ll find that one of the best ways to keep your website relevant is to post fresh content on a regular basis that features trending keywords. Page rank is a complex beast, as anyone familiar with marketing services is no doubt aware.

It used to be enough to use keywords and backlinks to increase rankings. But fresh, relevant content plays an increasingly important role in optimization. So having a blog helps you to hit all the targets. Your premium SEO services provider will thank you.

5. Improve Conversion Rates

Traditional ads may generate clicks to your website and your custom website design could impress visitors. However, providing and promoting blog content could generate actual customers by providing greater responses and spurring specific conversions.

6. Network

In addition to impressing consumers and boosting your page rank, your blog gives you the opportunity to reach colleagues within your industry, make an impression, and perhaps even generate unsolicited sharing and promotion. You could also build relationships and perhaps even opportunities for cross-promotion or partnership.

Your custom web design and SEO and marketing services can go a long way toward increasing your online presence, building an online reputation, and bringing in business, but don’t discount the role a blog could play in enhancing your overall marketing strategy and endearing consumers and colleagues alike to your company.