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Blogging in the Middle of the Night

Why not?

I’m up now at 3:47am, super happy, was able to catch up on somethings, worked out the new look for our Rethink Training case studies a few hours ago with Bryce (designer), working out a new layout for the help sections on our systems, wife is asleep, loving life and writing the longest sentence ever that shouldn’t be a sentence.  

Lesson Learned

There is a time when certain things will and will not get done during the day/night. I used to try to force those cycles to get done when they didn’t naturally fit. It took me a little while, but then it dawned on me that there are certain things I love to do at different times of the day. I could either change the order that I did things during the day to make sense or reorganize a bunch of things in life to get to the point that I COULD do those things earlier in the day.

I chose to do the things I wanted to do when they actually made sense to do, which also happened to be when I wanted to to do them.

One example, laying out completely new services, totally a night time task with my headphones blasting music.

Alrighty, back to loving life.

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