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Choosing the Right Stock Image

Professional photographers are wonderful, but they aren’t always in the budget. Thankfully, Studio98 has access to stock photography. However it is possible to overuse stock photography, or choose photos that don’t work for your brand. Here are some tips when considering the perfect photograph.

  1. Choose text-friendly photos – You never want your text to look like it was thrown together on the image. Aim to choose a stock photos that will provide you with plenty of space to place your text appropriately. A common mistake is choosing photos that leave you with no room for text placement.
  1. Natural is best – There are so many cheesy and generic stock photos out there, such as the corporate handshake or the woman touching a screen with generic business words on the image. When choosing stock photos, it is always going to be the best option to select images that don’t look fake, posed or unnatural. The more authentic, the better.
  1. Choose an image that speaks to your audience – If you are going to be speaking to an audience of corporate folks, then choose stock photos that are corporate. If you represent a hip and cool agency, then choose photos that are hip and cool. However, you should always be aware of the brand you represent and be sure your photos reflect your own authentic voice.
  1. Make sure your photo is current – So many of the stock photos out are outdated. You don’t want to talk about your mobile marketing strategy while showing a picture of a flip phone. Also, make sure to pay attention to items like fashion and technology because they are two of the biggest indicators of a dated or up-to-date stock photo.

With the right photography and a great design, as well as choosing the right stock image, you can transform your website!