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Construct Your Website: The Top Construction Website Design Tips

Construction Website
You can build a building. You can build a house. It’s frustrating to build so many things but get stuck when it comes to building your construction website.

You know people use the Internet and examine websites when choosing construction companies for jobs, but either your site doesn’t look great or you don’t have one at all. Don’t let construction jobs fall to the wayside because of a lackluster website.

It’s a digital world, so it’s time to get with the times because your competition is. Why not you?

Look at other construction websites for ideas and use these design tips to create a website that gets jobs and makes your company look good.

Get a Mobile Friendly Construction Website

Even if you had a website created a few years ago, it was likely designed around a desktop framework. Before the arrival of powerful smartphones, people used desktops computers and laptops to view the Internet. Those days are gone.

Websites with small fonts and a non-responsive design not only are nightmares for smartphones, but Google also won’t rank you well. Smartphone searches outpace desktop, so having a site that looks good on a mobile device is standard.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then look into getting a responsive design that automatically adjusts the site based on the size of the viewing screen.

Local SEO Can Make or Break a Business

If you serve a region such as a city, county, or even larger, people in that area need to know. Your website should be optimized for local search engine optimization. You should have a Google Maps link on your Contact Us page.

Your address should be prominent with the city and zip code listed. The site should have schema markup that gives Google search bots context about where you are and what areas you serve.

Don’t be afraid to have pages designed around major cities that you serve with content directed to them. Google takes all of this in when determining if your website rank.

Create a Design That Fits Your Business

Your website theme design should reflect your business. Most buildings have clean lines and are orderly, and so should your website. Don’t get caught up in being flashy and unique. Customers want to know about you and your business.

Your website should reflect that. If you specialize in building crazy buildings with unique designs and floorplans, don’t be afraid to let that show in your overall design.

Showcase the examples of your work with professional pictures. Don’t use stock photos because people want to see what you’ve done.

Focus on User Experience

When a potential customer visits your site, they want to go where they need to go. If your navigation is difficult to muddle through with hard to find pages, misleading pages, etc., they’ll give up and move on to the competition.

User experience could mean the difference between an interested client and an annoyed one. Make sure you have clean and clear navigation, like pages that are designed to easily use and plenty of information.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Your construction website is the cornerstone of your online presence. It’s what leads customers down the sales funnel and gives them an eye-opening look at your business. If you want to learn more about construction website design, then explore our website.