5 of Our Favorite “About Us” Pages from Custom Websites

When designing a website, most website owners have a vision of their site.

They imagine a responsive website with an interactive homepage with UX-driven product pages and the best content you can ever imagine. But many website owners fail to use the best design on one page – the “about us” page.

What do you think is the perfect “about us” page? Is it a heroic account of your business history, turmoils and successes? Or is it just a basic contact form?

Here’s the thing – these are the two most common types of “about us” pages.

Why not go a little outside of the box? Here are the 5 most innovative “about us” pages from some of the most successful custom websites and companies.

1. Eight Hour Day

One of the goals of the “about us” page is to gain trust. That’s what the illustrators from Eight Hour Day did with their page.

Nathan and Katie introduce themselves as creative people first before describing their business. They’re humanizing their brand, which helps potential customers get a sense of the business owners and know they’re supporting true artists.

2. Yellow Left Hammocks

Another way to create a unique “About Us” page is to pinpoint what makes your company worthwhile. That’s what Yellow Leaf Hammocks did.

You don’t often look at a hammock and think there’s an amazing story behind it.

But Yellow Leaf Hammocks prove their hammocks are handmade and they help weavers from all over the world make a living by designing hammocks, stating they take social issues very seriously.

3. Apptopia

Are you in a very niche industry? If so, your customers may not understand complex jargon from your industry. The same goes for app design; how many of us can read intricate coding language and understand app development terms?

Apptopia created an “About Us” page that takes the complexity out of the app creation process while proving they produce incredible work.

4. Kero One

Hip hop is at its peak right now. But rappers and DJs need to find a way to stand out.

Kero One is a California hip hop artist and DJ. He found a way to create a unique “About Me” page by translating his story into multiple languages, including his native Japanese.

5. Cultivated Wit

Some people have a quirky personality aspect that comes out in their business.

With Cultivated Wit, that aspect is their sense of humor. The owners embrace comedy so heavily, their company takes technology and makes it, well, funny.

Their “About Us” page makes this statement loud and clear with a cleverly written page.

Have Any Ideas for “About Us” Pages for Custom Websites?

From hip hop artists to illustrators, any business can create an amazing “About Us” page on custom websites.

You’ll be surprised how much of an impact your “About Us” page has. Your customers want to learn more about you, so wow them with an amazing “About Us” page!

Did this blog inspire you to create an incredible “About Us” page? Start with a custom website! Take a look at our web design services.