Contact Page Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Conversions

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If you expect to be able to compete, you need to invest in high-quality website design services. After all, your website will tell prospective customers a lot about your brand and can often be the determining factor when it comes time to make a purchase. But while a properly maintained website will often last for six or seven years without needing to be rebuilt, that doesn’t mean you should stop auditing your site for potential improvements in the interim.

Even if you believed you hired one of the leading sources for website design Clearwater businesses trust, it’s important to assess your site regularly. This can provide you with valuable insight as to what’s working — and what might be holding you back. Something as simple as your website’s contact page actually holds a lot of power. And if that custom web page design is lacking in some way, you could unknowingly be hurting your ability to convert leads or even drive traffic to your site.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the mistakes we often see with website contact pages and how you can fix those issues by securing professional web design services.

Your Contact Page Is Missing Or Is Hard to Find

As surprising as it may seem, one of the most prevalent contact page mistakes is not even having a contact page to speak of! Even if you display contact information for your business within the footer of every page or add it to all of your blog content, you still need a dedicated contact page on your website. Don’t simply add some social media buttons to your site layout; have your provider of website design services create a contact page to facilitate quick problem-solving and ensure your perception of legitimacy. By that token, you should ensure your contact page is easy to locate. Rather than make web visitors search high and low, your contact page should always be part of the main navigation menu. Visitors shouldn’t have to work very hard to get in touch with you.

Your Contact Form Is Too Long Or Too Short

For the sake of argument, let’s say that your website design services provider has created a contact page and put a direct link to that page in your navigation menu. Keep in mind that that’s the bare minimum that web visitors expect. Even if you have a dedicated contact page that’s easy enough to locate, you could still be losing out on conversions if the design of that page doesn’t reflect user intent. A contact form that’s too simple without any information could confuse visitors, while one that’s overly complex will likely scare people away. Keep your contact form clear and concise — and ensure the layout is consistent on all devices. Pay attention to how each field is labeled and don’t try to be too clever with the design, lest you alienate those who need further assistance.

Your Page’s Submit Function Doesn’t Work

With any kind of website design services, the look matters — but functionality is everything. Even if your contact form is aesthetically pleasing, it won’t matter much if the “submit” button doesn’t work or you don’t give clear confirmation that the message has been sent. Be sure to troubleshoot your contact form every so often to ensure there are no error messages and that the form can be submitted successfully. Visitors will quickly become frustrated with a business that doesn’t get this right, so be sure that their messages can come through without a hitch.

There are countless website elements that can impact your ability to convert. But arguably, the contact form is one of the simplest to address. For help with your website design, please get in touch with Studio98 today.