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Different Types of Content That Will Drive More Traffic to Your Website

If you take advantage of premium SEO services, then you know that content is king these days. A few years back, in an effort to ensure that search users were getting the most relevant, timely, and high-quality content in response to their queries, Google cracked down on linking schemes, keyword stuffing, and other questionable practices.

It’s not enough to spring for custom website design and optimize your site to the hilt – you need to produce quality content if you want to score stellar page rankings and drive traffic. But which type of content is best for click-thru, lead generation, and other conversions? Do different types of content perform differently?

For that matter, what types of content are out there? You’re probably familiar with tactics like posting authoritative content, creating lists, or generating product reviews, but what else can you try to increase traffic and deliver a memorable user experience? Here are a few options to consider.


Content is all about the reader. Your job is to figure out what your readers are looking for and find ways to make their lives better or easier in some way. Tutorials offer you an opportunity to hit the mark.

Whether you’re demonstrating how to use your own products or you’re offering how-to articles related to your industry, you can provide readers with valuable information that paints you in a positive light, proving your authority and showing your generosity. After all, you’re providing something for nothing.

Tutorials can help to add value for loyal customers and drive new traffic to your website. If readers are impressed, there’s a good chance they’ll return for more.


Every industry has experts, some of whom achieve widespread celebrity status. If you can swing it, interviewing industry notables can be a great way to push content that has inherent interest for readers, whether due to novelty or the fact that these experts have something valuable to impart.


People like their information bite sized nowadays, and your marketing services professional will probably tell you that choosing different media with which to present your content can influence the response you get. Two popular formats are infographics and videos, both of which require a lot less work from the reader than traditional blocks of text.

Once you’ve paid for custom web design and SEO services, it’s time to make sure that the content you post is primed to drive traffic to your site. Sometimes switching up your content can make a world of difference.