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Digital Marketing Resolutions For 2021

As we bid farewell to the last 12 months — which were certainly among the most difficult in recent memory for many business owners — it’s time to look ahead to 2021. While you might have had to rethink your aspirations during the pandemic, we’re now adjusting to all of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought. And although you might have endured setbacks over the last year, many businesses are determined to have a better and brighter new year.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your digital marketing strategy and identify areas that could use some improvement. You might have had to scale back last year, but now may be a good time to invest once more in your web design and SEO services. And to stay motivated, you may find that making a few resolutions can help provide you with a sense of direction. Here are just a few digital marketing intentions you may want to set to guide you over the next 12 months and can set you up for a much stronger 2021.

Digital Marketing Resolutions to Help You Succeed in 2021

  • Prioritize Mobile Performance: Did you know that more than 51% of a business’s online traffic now comes from smartphones? While mobile traffic might have once been ignored, it’s now more important than ever to cater to mobile users with both your custom website design and your search engine optimization. Be sure that your site provides a consistent and positive experience when it’s viewed on a mobile device to keep both visitors and Google happy. And if you find that your site could be alienating mobile users, hire a firm that offers web design and SEO services to fill those gaps.
  • Focus on Local SEO: If you run a small or independently owned business, local SEO should continue to be a priority in 2021. Users are looking for results nearby, so Google makes every effort to provide the most relevant solutions within a visitor’s immediate proximity. That means you should claim (and continue to update) your Google My Business listing and optimize for local keywords to capture web traffic within your area. While these optimizations will be more specific and may have a lower search volume, they will typically more accurately align with consumer intent. Talk to your professional SEO firm about focusing even more on local search this year, particularly as customers realize how important it is to support their favorite neighborhood businesses.
  • Get Active on Social Media: Although social media certainly isn’t new, its importance is growing every year. During the pandemic, web users wanted access to the latest information and to make direct connections with the brands they cared about. Social media provides you with a way to do just that, so don’t squander the opportunity. Even if social media hasn’t been a significant lead generation tool for you in the past, it’s important to get active on these platforms and share valuable information with your audience (especially video content!).
  • Embrace Voice Search: Be careful not to dismiss trends as passing phases. While the internet does change rapidly and certain preferences may quickly fall out of favor, other trends — like voice search, for example — are likely here to stay. Optimizing for voice search will become even more important in 2021, as many consumers become more dependent on virtual assistants and voice search capability. Your providers of web design and SEO services will tell you that you may need to make some changes to your site or your optimization strategy to appeal to voice search, but it will be well worth it — given the prevalence of voice and mobile search.

As you take a closer look at your digital marketing initiatives for 2021, you need a web design and SEO services team that can help you achieve your goals. For more information on our services, please contact Studio98 today.