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Ecommerce Trends to Consider for 2019

When it comes to appealing to the masses, your online business needs to stay on top of market trends. Spring has just arrived and now is the perfect time to rehaul your SEO strategy and website design with premium SEO services.

But what market trends should you look out for? When you’re ready to grow your business and gain new customers, try these ecommerce trends that are expected to dominate in 2019.

AI and chatbots

While people have admonished the widespread use of chatbots before, innovation in this web program has made it a welcome force in terms of digital marketing. Instead of a business utilizing their employees to answer simple questions, an experienced web design professional can integrate automated responses using keywords. Custom web designers can also enable these bots to redirect you to an employee when a larger issue comes up. This clears up the calendars of your employees, enabling them to work on more important tasks.

B2B commerce

Business to Business companies are expected to witness a surge of growth throughout 2019. After all, online stores make it easier than ever for businesses or order bulk products and niche services. As more businesses integrate their company operations with cloud storage options, communicating with partners across the globe is more streamlined than ever before. It’s vital that your company utilizes premium SEO services to target B2B operations in 2019.

Environmental awareness

Consumers and businesses alike have begun to realize that their products are impacting the environment in increasingly negative ways. For environmentally-friendly business, this has become a huge marketing and branding factor for their business.

Consumers have started looking at a company’s packaging process, whether they’re investing in locally-sourced goods, and the potential for recycling programs. It’s estimated that 80% of customers will perform product research before making a big purchase. When you want to showcase your business’s environmentally-friendly attitude, a good web development and SEO company can help you stand out among the crowd.

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