Email Signature? Why would I ever need that?

What’s an email signature anyway?

Have you ever received and email seen a block of info about whoever sent the email at the bottom? That is a email Signature, and it basically works the same way as a business card, it creates an opportunity for you to tell someone exactly who you are and what it is you do, it lets them know how you can be of service.

The email signature is nothing new, it has been around about as long as email but it mainly existed in a block of text like this:

Nowadays, thanks to modern email programs you are able to have email signatures with multiple images, social media links, visual elements and all the contact info you would ever want to share with a stranger. For instance, these:

While the normal block text signature does work, it is very primitive and can only communicate very basic sorts of information. A well designed signature can communicate much more in roughly the same amount of space while being user friendly, visually appealing while at the same time adding more credibility to you and your business.

Do I actually need an email signature?

Not having a nice signature is like not having a nice business card, it reflects poorly on your company and most of the time no email signature is better than an ugly or plain one.Take for example this snippet here that was written about business card, it more or less sums up the argument.

“Many people overlook the value of having a professional business card that accurately reflects your brand image, yet this small piece of paper can be an important part of your collateral package. It’s often the first item prospects receive from you, so it’s your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on them”

These days where more and more business is being handled through email and online, the closest you sometime get to actually meeting someone is to send them an email. The email signature is as close as you will get to being able to hand them a business card. Why not make it look nice? Why not go the extra mile for credibility?Why not be the company with the best email signature on the block?

“Think about how you use other people’s business cards when you make decisions regarding your own. Do you get frustrated when you can’t quickly find the information you need? Or the type is too small to read? Or printed in a font that’s hard to decipher? Do cheaply produced cards make you think less of the person or company represented? Does it take you a while to realize whose card it is, or what company that person works for?

Don’t make those same mistakes when designing your business card. Make sure it’s a positive reflection of both you and your company, and it mirrors your well-defined brand identity.”

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