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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2021

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As a small business owner, it can be tough to get noticed online. When you’re competing against big firms with even bigger budgets, you might feel as if nothing you’ve tried has made an impact.

But don’t forget that you’ve got the power of local search on your side. More than 50% of online searches start on a mobile device — and mobile users are, by and large, looking for results nearby. That means that small business owners can level the playing field by focusing their search engine optimization efforts on local web traffic.

Google My Business, or GMB, is a free platform that can be of great benefit to small, locally-owned businesses. By using search engine optimization principles, you can boost your GMB profile and increase your chance of showing up in relevant searches. With that in mind, let’s delve into how local SEO services can be applied to your GMB listing for even greater success in 2021.

Complete All Entries

In order for your GMB profile to be at its most effective, you’ll need to fill out every field available. Completing every section of your GMB listing will often help you rank higher in Google search results and can encourage web visitors to interact with your profile at a greater frequency.

The easy parts of your listing (like your business name, address, website, phone number, and hours of operation) should be filled out immediately. Then, move onto the areas that might require a bit more effort (like categories, attributes, products or services, and FAQs) and ensure those are completed. Of course, your entries should be consistent across all platforms; even using “company” instead of “co” or “St.” instead of “Street” might raise a red flag to Google, so make sure it’s the same wherever your business is listed!

Use Keywords Thoughtfully

Any professional SEO firm will tell you that keywords are an important part of optimization. But while you should use relevant keywords as part of your GMB listing, you won’t want to go overboard. Identify the most pertinent and important keywords for both your business and your audience so that you can use them in your business description and local posts. As long as you don’t commit the sin of keyword stuffing, you’ll improve the likelihood that your GMB listing will show up in searches within your area.

Add Compelling Photos

A firm that offers local SEO services will still advise you that it’s not just about the words you use; the images you post matter, too. That’s true for social media, your website, and your GMB listing. You’ll need a few different visual assets for your GMB profile, including your business logo, a cover photo (which acts as a header image), and photos of your business, your products, or your services. You can also add video or a virtual tour, which can be great ways to engage web users. Make sure to include videos that are well-lit and high-resolution for best results.

Publish New Posts Regularly

Your local SEO services provider probably advises you to publish new blog posts on your website every month. But did you know you can also publish posts directly on your GMB profile? The local posts feature allows you to engage with customers and increase your chances of appearing in searches. They can be informational or entertaining, as well as unique to this platform. And because they can be published from anywhere, this can allow you to share information quickly and communicate with consumers in your area in a way that wouldn’t be quite as immediate with a traditional website blog. Of course, this can be a fantastic opportunity for keyword usage!

Understanding how to use local SEO services to your advantage can be a challenge. But if you harness the power of GMB, you can improve your brand’s presence online. For more information on how to get attention for your site using local SEO, please contact us today.