How to Stop Wasting Money On Your PPC Campaigns

Given that 39% of global e-commerce traffic results from web searches, it’s no wonder that many businesses focus on search engine marketing. But even if you don’t have an e-commerce website that offers customers the ability to buy directly online, digital marketing can make a huge difference for your business.

There are a number of ways to promote yourself and make it easier for web users to find you, of course. And while search engine optimization can offer a great long-term solution, Google PPC also has its place. Pay per click marketing, also known as PPC marketing, can allow your business to be more readily found for relevant search terms and can often be an excellent way to boost your brand visibility and web traffic.

However, it’s worth noting that the mere act of designing a Google PPC campaign won’t automatically set you up for success. If you make some common mistakes with your PPC management or campaign setup, you could end up wasting a considerable amount of money. To that end, we’re sharing a few ways that businesses end up wasting their resources on Google PPC ads — and how you can avoid that fate by being mindful of how you manage your campaigns.

You’re Probably Wasting Money on Google PPC If You…

    • Aren’t Tracking Conversions: Any kind of digital marketing, including pay per click management, needs to be analyzed for effectiveness. Tracking conversions is one of the ways you can determine whether your ads are prompting engagement and are translating to sales. The click-through rate tells part of the story, but CTR isn’t everything. After all, if your ad is engaging but your website doesn’t seal the deal, you could be paying a lot without any ultimate payoff. You’ll need to track conversions to tell whether your ads are accomplishing your ultimate goals.


    • Are Bidding On Overly Broad Keywords: Some people believe that using broad match keywords are the best way to go. But while it’s true that targeting a broad keyword can ensure your ad is seen by many more people, that’s not actually a good thing in many cases. Using this approach can result in having your ad be served to web users who have absolutely no need for your products or who aren’t a good fit for your services. Even if they click to find out more (which will cost you money), they’ll likely abandon your site if you can’t offer a solution to their problem. You shouldn’t dismiss broad match keywords completely, but you’ll want to make sure your ad campaigns contain a variety of keyword bids. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending money unnecessarily.


  • Don’t Have the Necessary Experience: Any kind of digital marketing can be complex. You can’t expect to master SEO, Google PPC, or any other type of internet marketing tactic overnight. Pay per click campaigns don’t necessarily require an expert to set up — but without the proper experience, you could end up wasting money due to when you run your ads, ineffective copy, or a whole host of other missteps. Unless you feel comfortable with the idea of spending money and gaining little insight into what you’re doing wrong, it’s typically best to hire a PPC analyst or a digital marketing firm that can give direction to your ad campaigns.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most common ways businesses waste money on PPC, you can avoid making these mistakes yourself. When set up and managed correctly, pay per click advertisements can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. For more on how we can take your organization to the next level, please contact our team today.