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How Will Lead Generation Help You?

As a Project Manager my job is to make sure that my clients are delivered a website that looks spectacular AND is something that will result in more people visiting the site and converting into leads or sales. When getting a website developed there are two very key parts. One is the design and development of a website and the other is working with SEO to achieve increased Lead Generation from the website. But what exactly is Lead Generation and how can it help you?

Lead Generation includes driving people to your website. One of the most common ways to drive traffic to your website is through searchable keywords.

By researching to find out areas of interest in your field and with your target audience, specifically which words or phrases they are searching for most, then generating content that includes those particular keywords or phrases, a search engine will be able to “recognize” all of the sites that include these and are relevant to the persons search. The search engine then lists all relevant sites in a ranking system with the most relevant showing up on the first page of the search results.

Using a system of checks, analytics and good old fashion content writing skills,  an SEO company will be able to make your site easily found.

Once you have made the necessary changes to the content on your site in order to be ranked highly for your particular field, the next thing is how to generate the right leads once a person visits your site. Basically put, when someone finds your site, you want them to be able to easily navigate the site and to land on your contact form to reach out to your sales area or land on your shopping cart and buy something. This is heavily dependent on the design that you create with your website team and how your site is developed.

When developing your website you want to make sure that you develop something that is not only easy for you to use but also easy for your viewers to navigate.

You need to rapidly guide them to the information they are looking for and always clearly present the button, form or phone number they need to go to in order to get in contact with you or to purchase a service or product.

Lead Generation is not simply about the keywords that you program into your site but it is about the usability of the site, making sure your site is designed for your audience and seeing to it that it has a very specific path for them to take to achieve the goal of the site.

The real measure of any online marketing effort, from designs to SEO, is how many new leads and sales you generate after implementing it.

If the answer is none, or you aren’t doing any of these actions, it’s time to find a good firm and get going!