Keeping Viewers Interested

You’ve decided that you are going to get a custom website created for your company. You are probably wondering how to keep your customers and viewers interested in your site and how to continue to drive in traffic. In the “Web World” there are a couple of basic ways to drive traffic and keep visitors coming to your site for more. These are:

  • It seems simple, but keeping up a steady blog about your company, industry news, and other topics relevant to your work will allow you to have applicable and updated content to your site on a daily or weekly basis. Putting this in blog format will allow an easy way for your viewers to read information and an easy way for you to manage that information.
  • When creating a blog consider your audience and the categories that are relevant to not only your company but to the industry you work in as a whole. You may also want to consider if you want to purchase a different and interesting layout for your blog, or just sticking to a traditional layout and look.
  • Blogs are also a great way to give recent updates and announcements about your company. Have those announcements be something your clients expect to see on your site so they will be more likely to visit. This drives traffic to your site and can help your site ranking.
  • Now a days in the web world, to have a complete web presence, you need to have some type of social media. To learn more about the importance of social media and your site, read through our blog: “Can We Be Too Social”: .
    When deciding on a social media outlet, you want to make sure that you are following industry trends and selecting the best platform for your needs. You also want to make sure that you are able to manage your social media presence.
  • Once you have decided to be socially connected, make sure you use your social media platforms to post your most recent blog or announcement. You want to post about any good press releases and testimonials about your company. You also want to keep your posts up to date as well as posting daily or weekly. Use social media as a way to drive traffic back to your main site and get viewers and customers connected.
  • By using a blog and plugging into social media, you can make sure that you are doing what is needed to drive traffic to your site, which will ultimately make you more visible to the clients you need to reach.