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Reputation Management Begins with Honesty

One of the keys of reputation management that many people overlook is honesty.

Unlike many businesses today, I am confident that today’s consumers have no problem seeing through false promises in advertising.I admire honest marketing and believe it to be the best marketing approach.It is surprising how many companies are still pumping out ambiguity and doubt in their advertising because they reveal no facts to back up their points.

Three cheers to companies like Progressive Insurance who is confident in their rates and service and in their customer’s ability to make their own informed decisions.They freely post the rates of their competitors right next to their own.Never claiming to have the very best rates for every one in the world and offering options for customers to find a policy that works best for them, thereby restoring consumers’ faith in their own decisions.

Dishonesty would obviously never fall under the category of “good marketing”, but all too often it slips in through the crack under the door.You can’t fake honesty.As a business or industry you must provide quality and content that are credible.

This all leads me to wonder, how might an inferior company then promote their product or service? The first step would be to start being honest with themselves and then with consumers.How would a company make the change to honest marketing? I suggest starting at “home”.Try asking your customers and employees for some honest anonymous feedback and build from there.

We can’t all be the best at everything all the time.Being honest in your marketing campaign is a start to developing quality customer relations and building a great reputation.

Studio98 develops full reputation management strategies for companies and individuals through a full integrated marketing campaign.