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Safeguarding Your Dedicated Server

custom website design services

Custom website design services provide you with a website that enhances your online presence, sells your products and services, and engages a wide-ranging audience. Custom website design services are an excellent option for any business, large or small. They can do great things for your business. However, if you want to fully enjoy all the benefits, you will need to safeguard your dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers Are A Big Investment

There are many reasons why you should be safeguarding your dedicated server, but none more important than protecting your investment. Safeguarding your dedicated server will ensure the money that you put into custom website design services and the hardware and equipment returns the ROI that you expect.

Start With the Physical Location

Your very first step in safeguarding your server is to ensure that your server is located in a secure physical location. A lock and key can be the first layer of protection for your server. You also want to be sure that the server is located in an area with the proper temperature, low humidity, and proper circulation.

Encryption Is a Must

Cyber threats can be thwarted by using the proper encryption tools. Custom website design services can protect your website, but you will need unique passwords and login information for everyone in your organization that has access, as well as high quality encryption.

Don’t Skip This

At one time anti-virus software was considered essential, it still is. This added layer of protection is a necessity. Choose a good anti-virus software suite that will detect threats and act to shut them down.

Change Passwords Frequently

Yes, employees will complain about having to change passwords every other month or every six months, but it is important that passwords do not get “stale”. Switching passwords periodically provides an extra layer of protection and is necessary.

Set Up a Routine Maintenance Schedule

Having a checklist and a reminder set to ensure your server is being maintained can be an easy way to ensure your server is protected. On your list be sure to add the task of making sure your domain status is in good standing and it is not time for renewal. Some of the maintenance needs to be done monthly, while other maintenance like checking the status of your domain can be done far less frequently.

Take care of your dedicated server and protect it and it will deliver the function and operation you can depend on.