Smart Reasons Why DIY Web Builders Might Not Be The Best Idea

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In a recent post, we went over some reasons why custom websites are more advantageous than prepackaged ones. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with DIY site builders, but it’s our responsibility to make sure that you know all the facts.

DIY site builders like to convince you that everything you need is included in their cute little packages. We’re not here to name names or disparage web builders, but they often prey upon the ignorance of the masses to provide what they angle as less expensive, easy-to-do ways to get your business an online presence.

This, of course, is a sales tactic. An effective one, too. Let’s explore why DIY site builders might not be the best option for your business’ online face.

You’re Not A Web Developer

DIY web builders like to tell people they can be custom web designers, too. Behind the initial pitch of simplicity that web builders offer, you’ll realize that there’s still enough of a process that it’s time-consuming and carries technical aspects that are beyond your grasp. In the long run, maintenance, optimization, and the incessant evolution of technology will overwhelm someone who lacks the professional experience and knowledge a custom web developer possesses.


Jumping off the previous point, site maintenance is one of the most important parts of running a website successfully. Too many people think that once their site is built, it can just exist as is. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The website builder you used isn’t going to be updating and maintaining your site for you, so you’ve given yourself another job on top of running a business. And what did we say in the last point? You aren’t a custom web developer. A website that’s updated and maintained regularly will last six to seven years without requiring a rebuild. That’s something best left for experienced hands.

Personal Support Vs. None?

Support from DIY web builders is notoriously lacking. Many of these companies are massive international corporations with hundreds of thousands of people who have websites on their platforms. They certainly do not have the time, nor the capacity to troubleshoot the bugs of every other person who wants to start their own website. A custom web developer is with you, your business, and your site from inception to deployment and will be available for updates, support, and debugging along the way. Plus, they know your tech stack because they built it.

We get it, hearing the initial quote from a custom web developer can be a little intimidating and make the bargain shortcut of DIY site builders look enticing. Do your own research and talk to actual custom web developers before making technical decisions about the online persona of your business.

If you’re having trouble in either direction, drop us a line. We’ll discuss all sorts of options and you’ll be hearing them from Studio98, a custom web development company that wants your business to maximize its online potential from the first line of code down to the final syntax. Let’s chat.