5 Ways A Custom Web Developer Can Transform Your Site

With nearly 40% of small businesses building their websites with Do-It-Yourself software, many of these sites risk looking like carbon copies of their competitors. Paying for custom web development allows you to create something that stands out from your competitors while performing functions critical to your business.

While custom development can be more costly than using a simple DIY interface, it offers far more options. If your company has special needs when it comes to backend communication or subscription services, you might need more than DIY software can offer.

If you’re wondering how custom web development can benefit your company, check out these 5 ways it can help you end up with a beautiful and dynamic site.

1. Match Your Brand

Likely you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours in meetings to come up with the perfect logo and brand design. You’ve got unique services and products and something special to offer your clients. You should tell them with your website.

By creating a website that matches your brand’s offerings and style, you’ve carved out your place in the market. When visitors see your website, it can offer even the most common household or everyday items in a new way that engages them like never before.

Your brand will be able to remake the industry you’re in with a unique web presence.

2. Become Search Engine Optimized

As most new business comes from search engines, your site needs to load quickly, look good, and be well organized to meet the requirements of search engines.

With a custom design, you’ll be able to craft your message and your design perfectly to get high search rankings. DIY site building software will be, by its nature, a little out of date. You’ll be able to take advantage of the latest trends by building a custom site that can be updated as needed.

3. Catered to Customer Needs

User-friendly design is an absolute must. While there are internet design standards to aid accessibility and hardware needs, there are standards you’ll need to follow for your customers and your industry.

Cookie cutter tools will be missing some essential features that you need to meet the needs of your business. You might have to add a bunch of extensions and add-ons that could slow your site down or cause frequent bugs.

A custom website development company can utilize tools that you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll also be able to make tools that offer user experience how your customers expect it, not how some third-party developers think they should work.

4. Scale How You Need It

As a business owner, you should always be thinking about the future of your company. As you grow, you could need more server space or a more robust architecture to handle more users.

Only a custom design can help you easily scale as your business scales.

5. Custom Security Solutions

Sharing a server or design platform with a bunch of other sites allows you to be attacked however they get attacked. If a site that you share server space with is shut down or infected with a virus, Google might punish every site on that server until the problem is resolved.

Custom design can give you the custom security you need.

Custom Web Development is Purpose Built for You

Hiring a custom web developer can save you time and resources by offering all the tools you need at one time. Rather than buying 10 different licenses for all of the features your customers need, you can work with one company to give you everything.

If you’re ready to take your site to the next level, make sure your developer is on top of all of the trends that will dominate web design in the coming year.