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How to Create a UX Strategy Visitors Will Love

You only get one chance to create a first impression for your users.

Whether you have a website launch on the horizon or want to tweak your blog or website, user experience should be at the forefront of your mind.

But what user experience strategies are the best to help your business?

If you’re looking for some sound UX strategy that’ll carry you far, read on and apply these four great tips.

UX Strategy Starts With Design

Regardless of what experience you’re trying to convey, make sure that your design principles are top notch.

This includes things like choosing color schemes that are appropriate and inviting, making use of photo and video to engage and directing people’s eyes to things you want them to see.

Aside from core design principles, be sure that you understand your audience and their needs.

Understand your demographics on the front end, while also using data to continuously tweak and perfect the design once you know how people browse.

Many companies focus on lead generation, but what happens once people actually do visit your site?

With stellar design, you’ll capitalize on the traffic that you bring in, leading them to your sales funnels and increasing your bottom line.

Mix Raw Analytics With Testing

One mistake companies make is to bring in data without talking to real people.

Using tools like Google Analytics is a central piece of the puzzle that you should be aware of when developing your UX strategy. However, rather than stopping with raw data, bring in test groups of people to add some context.

Your UX strategy will go to the next level when you don’t just stop at figuring out what users do — but also figure out why they do it.

When you put together a test group, you’ll get accurate feedback on how people use your site or app, so that you’re able to put together the best results.

Keep It Brief And Valuable

Recent studies show that today, the average person has an attention span of about 8 seconds.

Eight seconds. That’s it.

With this in mind, you can’t waste time creating engagement for your user.

Aggressively get rid of fluff in your content, and keep your writing tight and brief. Make sure you’re breaking your paragraphs up liberally, while also including headers and subheaders.

Aside from style issues and brevity, be sure that you’re always providing value.

When people get content that serves them, they’ll be more likely to explore your site, rather than click out of it. The more value you create, the more you can expect repeat business.

Hire Professional Assistance

To really take your UX strategy to new heights, you’ll need to work with a company that can assist you.

If this is what you need, we’d be pleased to assist you.

Our company does it all, from pay per click advertising and digital marketing to the creation of stellar strategy.

Don’t just take our word for it — get in touch with us so we can revolutionize your UX results today.