Test Your Knowledge of Web Design With This True/False Quiz

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In the digital age, businesses need customized websites to stand out online. But the reality is that not all websites are created equal. Whether you’ve chosen the wrong website design services or created a site using conventional wisdom from a decade ago, it’s quite possible that your site is actually hindering the growth of your business. But if you’re able to ace the following true/false quiz, you’re probably in good shape when it comes to your online presence. Test your knowledge below and see what you might be getting wrong about the design of custom websites for your organization.

TRUE OR FALSE? Once you’ve redesigned your website, you can relax.

Answer: False. Some people think that once they’ve hired a custom website design company and the site goes live, the hard part is over forever. And while it’s true that a website that’s updated and maintained property will last for six or seven years without the need for a rebuild, that doesn’t mean you can simply sit back and keep your website as-is until then. Website design is a constant process, as updates will need to consistently be made to ensure your content is accurate and relevant to your business. It’ll also need to be updated to ensure it’s in compliance with Google’s best practices and so that it stays secure.

TRUE OR FALSE? You should avoid overcrowded design.

Answer: True. Some people believe that you need a lot of fancy animation, graphics, and video, and other features to keep visitors interested. And while some of those elements can improve engagement when used thoughtfully, you should beware of going overboard. Putting too much on a given page will undoubtedly overwhelm visitors while giving your site a dated look. Although aesthetic trends will come and go, as any custom website design company will tell you, a clean and uncluttered layout is timeless.

TRUE OR FALSE? You should focus on custom websites for desktop users.

Answer: False. With more than half of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices, having responsive design is more important than ever. That means you can’t afford to discount mobile-friendly design. Both web users and search engines now place a higher priority on the mobile experience. So when you work with a custom website design company, you’ll want to ensure they prioritize mobile users.

TRUE OR FALSE? Your homepage isn’t the only important page to focus on.

Answer: True. It might surprise some people to learn that this one is actually true. Sure, your homepage may be the first thing someone sees when they type in your company’s URL. But this isn’t the only page that matters. In fact, it may actually be less important than other pages on your site, like services pages or useful resources that are more likely to show up in search results. When you work with a web design company, you’ll want to know their plans involve more than making the homepage look good.

TRUE OR FALSE? Having a mobile-friendly site means you have an accessible website.

Answer: False. Yes, a mobile-friendly website is a must — but it’s not the only thing you need to guarantee a truly accessible website. Your site needs to adhere to the best practices for accessibility, which means your designer will need to take ADA standards into account. Your site needs to provide a consistent experience for visitors with all kinds of disabilities in order to reduce liability and provide valuable services to everyone. Be sure to address ADA compliance with your custom website design company before signing off.

TRUE OR FALSE? It’s best to hire a custom website design company rather than DIY.

Answer: True. This one’s easy. While there are do-it-yourself templates out there, they simply can’t compare to the services a professional web design firm can offer. If you truly want your site to stand out for the right reasons and improve your visibility in search, you can’t take on this job yourself. Invest in your business by working with a professional website design company and you’ll see the returns down the road.

Did your score surprise you? It might be time to consider a website redesign. For more information, please contact Studio98 today.