The Family That Blogs Together…

Stays together. That is a hard learned fact. The whole world knows the power of blogs. Blogs improve exposure, build credibility, and put a “face” on a business.

So how do you do it? How do you effectively blog?

Consistently blog. There is nothing worse than seeing ancient blogs from the Victorian Age. A good start would be to post blogs on the weekly basis (bare minimum). Irregularly posted blogs do not inspire confidence. I believe it can make you seem disorganized, and that you are “too busy” to keep up with your audience and thus your customers.

Write original content. Come up with information that is unique. This is the perfect platform to use to share ideas that you want your target market to think with. Answer common questions. You don’t need to write Pulitzer Prize winning articles.

Don’t outsource your blogging. You can always tell when a company has “professional bloggers”. The content is dry, and feels strained. Good blogs are conversational, and showcase your familiarity with your industry.

Make blogging a part of your corporate culture. You have a company filled with intelligent and able-bodied (or in this case, able-minded) employees. I guarantee they all have insightful nuggets of information that others would find helpful, so why not ask them? Good sense would dictate that your blogs be pertinent to your industry or field of expertise. You shouldn’t be blogging about SEO if your company is an Accounting firm, unless it has to do with their bottom line.

There you have it. Good luck and happy blogging!