The Key to Sales

When you’re in the middle of the sales process, it’s difficult to stop and try to figure out why it’s not working.

Recently, I was showing our product to a lady that I thought would be an easy sale. But try as I did, I could not bring her interest up for the product. The natural response is to get in there and pitch harder and show her more features and even try to get her interested in the features soon to be released.

Rightly so – I always look at a failed sale as something I did or didn’t do. Rather than saying, “that person just can’t make up her mind”, or the many other reasons sales people use to justify a missed sale.

Sometimes, a bad sale may be a simple matter of miscommunication!


In the end it always comes down to getting them to understand how this product could benefit them or help them solve their problem. Understanding of the product is the key! Once a person understands the product and its benefits to him or her then they are in a position to decide. And if you did a good job in helping them understand, the decision is almost always in your favor.

Given time constraints, unmentioned considerations and objections, their own misunderstandings about computers, false information they’ve gotten mixed up with facts, and sales can be quite a challenge.

But in the end nothing changes. You’re still there to get them to understand your product almost as much as you do. Every sales process presents a sales opportunity. Have fun with it!

Bob Cook