The State of Keyword Research in 2019: What It Means for Expert PPC Management

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Without great keyword research skills, your PPC campaign will fail.

All savvy digital marketers know digital marketing skills change with every passing year. And if you use past strategies, even from the last year, your campaign could suffer. So what should you expert for keyword research in 2019?

While the changes may not be apparent now, you’ll notice the strategies you did in past years won’t be as effective today. That’s why you should prepare now for 2019 PPC keyword research.

Are you planning your 2019 PPC campaign? Add 2019 keyword research trends into your campaign. To achieve expert PPC management, here are keyword research trends for 2019.

Hummingbird Is Making It More Difficult to Rank for a Specific Keyword

Do you remember plugging in your keyword in a header, your title, and every other sentence in your SERP?

Hummingbird made this strategy irrelevant, but this was back in 2013. Every other year since, Hummingbird became more powerful and even started punishing websites for keyword stuffing.

In 2019, focus less on optimizing your content for keywords and focus on investing in the best performing PPC terms.

Speaking of Hummingbird…

Don’t Optimize for Keyword Pages

Because of Hummingbird, keyword pages are becoming irrelevant. Keyword pages, or “dedicated pages,” optimized a whole page for a keyword. Today, the most successful pages rank for several high-performing keywords.

When you invest in a PPC keyword, find multiple SEO-driven keywords for your content. Optimize your page for all keywords in order to reap the most results.

Google Is Becoming More Mysterious

Back in the good ol’ days, Google was very clear on which keywords ranked.

Google provided search data and how well your website is ranking for those terms. But if you use AdWords today, you’ll agree that accessing this information is becoming more difficult.

Your best bet is using third-party tools, along with Adwords, to find the best ranking keywords.

Focus on Topic Research

The keywords you use aren’t the only thing that matters to your PPC strategy.

You also have to conduct topic research and optimize for the type of keywords and SERP you’re using. Topic research encompasses search trends, behaviors, and overall content popularity.

Doing so will help improve your PPC performance.

Measuring the Keyword Competition Is Becoming More Difficult

If you find a successful PPC keyword, chances are many other websites are trying to rank for that term. AdWords made note of that by measuring the keyword difficulty and competition. Today, this figure isn’t as clear.

To get the best results, use a third-party keyword research tool along with AdWords. Make sure the tool has an accurate keyword competition and difficulty rating.

Use Expert PPC Management in 2019

As with every year, 2019 is undergoing the way we research for SEO and PPC. Don’t fall short with your PPC campaign this year. Use these keyword research tips to achieve expert PPC management in 2019.

Are 2019 keyword research trends too difficult to follow? We can help you with your PPC strategy.