Top Reasons Why User Experience Is Important For Your Website

In any part of life, you want to have experiences that are pleasant and don’t cause huge amounts of stress. This rings true for ordering at restaurants, driving a car, and even using a company’s website. User experience (UX) is a key element of website design and development that can mean the difference between building a loyal audience and losing potential customers.

User experience encompasses many different factors, but they are all focused on how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. In addition to a user’s experience, UX is about the emotion, intuition, and connection someone feels when they use a website. The factors that influence these emotions and connections include accessibility, performance, usability, design/aesthetics, utility, and overall marketing and human interaction. Let’s take a look at the reasons why UX matters so much in customized websites.

Fosters Retention

Great UX can have a major impact on customer loyalty. When your website is reliable, user-centric, and provides value for your audience, people will want to keep coming back to it. Not only will they want to interact with your website, but they’ll want to continue their overarching relationship with your company. Having a good UX for your website will show that your business is reliable and knows to put the customer first.

Differentiates Your Brand

Custom web designers know that good UX can help you stand out from your competitors. Users will remember how easy it was to navigate your website and its aesthetically-pleasing design. Other businesses in your market may not have customized websites, meaning that their designs may be distracting rather than organized and attention-grabbing. The more functional aspects of your website’s UX, such as easy navigation, working links, and the ability to adapt to any device someone is using, are also integral to differentiating your brand.

Helps Your Conversion Rates

You only have about three to eight seconds for your site to catch a customer’s attention before they leave your page. If you can catch their attention in this short amount of time, they’re more likely to stay on your site to purchase a product or invest in a service. However, if visitors aren’t engaged with your site or they find it hard to navigate, it significantly reduces the chances of them going down the sales funnel. The browsers on your website won’t become paying customers. Having a great UX can improve your conversion rates as users progress from browsers to buyers, simultaneously enhancing your revenue and profits.

Custom website design is essential in creating excellent UX and seeing all of the benefits that come with it. Contact Studio98 today to learn more about our customized websites and how you can improve the UX on your business’s website.