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Ways to Get to the First Page of Google

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Having an online presence is important if you want to boost your business’s bottom line. The first step in the process begins by hiring custom web page design services that can do justice to your business’s website. But once everything is in place, what do you do to get noticed? Here are the top ways to get noticed on Google.

Use Keywords Correctly

It’s important to determine which search queries your business is targeting online. Your answers to these search queries must contain the right keywords in order to satisfy your visitor’s search intent. So, content on your website must target different keywords. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of keywords that apply to your business, so you must be strategic about this.

Don’t worry about coming up with keywords, since there are many online tools designed for this. Another way to use keywords correctly is to let Google know the type of keywords you are using. You can do this by placing keywords in your web page’s meta title, meta description, and URL.

The next time a user performs a search, Google will quickly scan through billions of pages, and your keywords match the user’s search query, Google will then retrieve your web page.

Provide Useful Information

The content on your website must be written for humans. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing. These days, Google penalizes keyword stuffing and rewards websites that contain useful and reliable information that’s easy to browse through and read. So, don’t just focus on adding the right keywords. The information you provide should be a perfect match for what the user was looking for when they typed in their search query.

Emphasize Your Target Market

There are billions of people using Google every day, so it’s important to narrow down your target market, so you don’t spread yourself thin. For instance, make sure Google and your visitors know the location of your business. This also helps when visitors search for services “near me.”

Based on information from the Search Engine Journal, the website that ranks first on an organic search gets a whopping 32.5% traffic share. Clearly, this high-click rate can do wonders for your business. A custom web page design can help you attract visitors to your website and help you keep them. That’s because a custom web page design help you create a website that not only contains helpful information but is also user-friendly and visually appealing.